TEFL – Teach English as a Foreign Language / TESOL – Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages 

Why Take the TEFL Course?

The TEFL, Teach English as a Foreign Language, course is a gateway to a career or part-time job as an English teacher to speakers of other languages.

English is the “global language” of commerce, business, academia and general communication. Qualified TEFL teachers in all categories are in high demand worldwide.

The TEFL course is designed to provide the native or fluent English speaker with skills and a TEFL / TESOL teaching qualification to enter a career in Teaching English to speakers of other languages, within 4 weeks.

Learn the essential TEFL methodology to teach English to young learners of all ages or adults from all backgrounds and professions.


Is the TEFL course for me?

Whether you’re starting out or starting over, teaching English as a Foreign Language is a worthy vocation and a noble career choice. 

Travel, teach English and learn about other cultures…or teach online via the many specialist (ESL) English as a Second Language online teaching schools around the world.

The TEFL is a popular universal course and qualification for many English speakers. From graduates taking a gap-year or two, to anyone looking for a new path in their supplementing their income or volunteering with NGO’s around the world.

It is also an excellent complementary skills course for those interested in gaining a PGCE or teaching diploma.


Teaching work, abroad or online.

The high demand for qualified TEFL teachers in non-English speaking countries, means an ESL job placement worldwide is highly probable for course graduates with or without a degree.

You may choose to tutor online through the many specialist ESL Online Companies or independent teaching platforms. Teach English from wherever you are in the world. All you need is a PC / laptop with an internet connection.  The flexibility, safety and convenience of online teaching is the new way to learn for millions of students.  

You can start applying for ESL jobs and earning an income as soon as you complete your TEFL training and certification.


Welcome 2022

TEFL SA International TEFL Teacher Training courses

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6 months online campus access to complete a 3 – 4 week short course.

 Internationally Accredited TEFL Courses

Teach English anywhere in the world or Teach Online…

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Why Enrol with TEFL SA?

  • Our Online TEFL course was developed by ESL teachers and is easy to follow and complete.
  • No special programs or hardware. Download and study lessons and complete the quiz tests. 
  • Study at your own pace on any device at anytime. No boring lectures or time schedules.
  • A 2-day weekend Practical course (Online or In-person) is supplementary but highly recommended.
  • Course support by expert teacher trainers and administrators with loads of experience in the field.
  • Internationally recognised TEFL / TESOL Certificate is accepted for any ESL teaching position worldwide. Accredited and moderated by International TEFL.
  • Free Resources: TEFL SA makes it easier for you to navigate this exciting industry… from jobs abroad or online tutoring, valuable advice and pointers, specialist TEFL teaching courses and resources for your new English Language Teaching career.
  • Free Course: Effective teaching online with your newly acquired TEFL skills. By Cambridge English. 


Internationally Recognised and Accredited TEFL Teacher Training Courses

Teacher Training by Cambridge DELTA Professionals with Guaranteed Backup Support.

Finance and Payment plans available for SA residents.

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TEFL teachers @TEFL SA

Sal Mar
@Sal Mar

Thank you for a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed my course especially the practical 2-day course. It was so worth it. Thanks to the trainer, I became more comfortable to stand up and teach in front of a group of people. It was very informative… I had a lot of fun and learned a lot about those little boxes that needs to be checked when planning and giving a lesson.

Gomolemo Molise
@Gomolemo Molise

I had such a wonderful experience. The support throughout the course was amazing.

The assignments and exams were a lovely challenge. The practicals were a great way to put the theory learnt into action.

I would definitely recommend TEFL SA to others.

Dante Robbertze
@Dante Robbertze

Thank you TEFL-SA for providing a great online applied learning experience.The content of the course was meaningful and has provided me with a foundation on which I can now build through further study and self-directed learning.

I recommend the 140 hour TEFL Teaching Course without reservation.