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Internationally Recognised TEFL / TESOL / CELTA Certification

Why Take a TEFL Course?

The TEFL, Teach English as a Foreign Language, course is a gateway to a career as an English teacher to other language students.

English is now the “global language” of commerce, business and general communication and good qualified TEFL teachers are in high demand.

Our budget TEFL Online or in-class Cambridge CELTA courses are designed to provide the fluent English speaker with skills and qualification to enter a career in English language teaching to other foreign language students.

Learn essential TEFL skills and certification and teach English as a second or foreign language to kids, teens and adults from all walks of life. You’ll gain the confidence to plan and deliver interesting and relevant lessons to all English language students.

TEFL South Africa will get you certified & ready for your new TEFL teaching job online, or virtually  anywhere in the world you wish to travel and teach English.


Is the TEFL for me?

The TEFL course is designed for all native and fluent English speakers who want to gain a internationally recognised English Language Teaching (ELT) qualification. No qualification is required to enrol in the TEFL course.

The TEFL / TESOL certification is a versatile and universal skills qualification required by employers of (ESL) English as a Second Language, teachers worldwide.

Whether you’re starting out or starting over, teaching English as a Foreign Language is a worthy vocation and a noble career choice. 

TEFL can be your ticket to a great future. Learn about other cultures, teaching others about your own and living an interesting life, wherever you choose to go. Or you can teach online, to anyone around the world.

The course is a popular skills qualification course for many English speakers from university graduates taking a gap-year to people of all walks of life looking for a new vocation.

It is also an excellent complementary skills course for those interested in gaining a PGCE or teaching diploma or if you’re looking to do volunteer work with NGO’s and the like.


TEFL jobs overseas or online tutoring

The high demand for qualified TEFL teachers in non-English speaking countries, means an ESL job placement worldwide is virtually guaranteed for course graduates.

Teach online through the many specialist ESL online schools and independent platforms. Teach English from wherever you are via Skype / Video to any student in the world. Online flexibility, safety and convenience is the new way of teaching…  

You can start applying and earning as soon as you complete your TEFL training and certification.


Flexible Online TEFL Course

Gain an Accredited Internationally Recognised TEFL Certificate within 4 weeks.


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TEFL SA offers:

– Flexible Online Study, Anytime on Any Device. 

– Course Support by Expert TEFL Teacher Trainers.

– Teaching Positions & Assistance via international ESL Job feed. Teach Abroad or Online.

– Internationally Accredited 120-hour TEFL Certification. Accepted by all Employers Worldwide.

– Choice of 2-day TEFL Practical Training. Online via Zoom or at a City Venue.


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