Student Services

Online TEFL Course Repurchase

Repurchase access to the TEFL Platform.
R 400
 120-hour Online TEFL Course Repurchase / Extension
 50% discount for students who did not complete the first course within the allotted time period and wish to enrol again.
 Valid for 6 months after first course expiry.


Recreate TEFL e-Certifcate

If you lost your TEFL SA certificate

What is required from you:

The reason you are requesting a new TEFL SA certificate.

A copy of your ID or Passport.

Physical address and contact cell number.

Pay the this fee and submit documents to


Hard-Copy Certifcate

Couriered to your door

Includes the printed certificate on 150 gm/s certificate paper

Original ink signature of the principal of the institution.

A letter of confirmation of your completion of the course signed by the principal.

Private courier fees by The Courier Guy, to your physical address.

What we require from you:

  1. E mail your pdf – 120-hour TEFL SA certificate to
  2. Your Cell Number
  3. Physical Address to be couriered to include the correct area code: (No Postnet or Box No’s)
  4. Pay the this required fee.