TEFL SA Student Services

60-day TEFL course extension

Running out of time to complete your 120-hour online TEFL course?

You can extend your original 6 month access to the TEFL course platform by 2 months.

Online TEFL courses Extension

Extend access to the 120 hour TEFL course by 2 months before expiry
R 400
 120-hour Online TEFL Course Extension
A one time only extension for 2 months from date of original expiry date.
 Valid for active student accounts only.


Lost your TEFL SA e-Certificate?

Each TEFL / TESOL e-certificate is uniquely created for the TEFL SA student who has completed and passed the TEFL / TESOL course.

If you have lost your certificate… The course manager is able to recreate it for you.

A fee of R295 is charge for this service.

Recreate TEFL e-Certifcate