TEFL Course – Florence

TEFL Course Location: Florence, Italy

Certificate: TEFL/TESOL

Duration: 4-Weeks

Online Course: Included

Course Fees: USD$1697

Deposit Required: $597

Private Hotel Room: $600- 1,000 p/m​

Age Group: 20-65

Visa Required: Tourist 60-Days

Average Salary: $1,000 p/m

Job Market: Numerous job vacancies throughout the country.


Course Start Dates

Courses Available virtually every month.

Check with us for dates.

Florence – Birth of the Renaissance




Situated in the center of Italy, Florence has long been recognized among the most important cultural and political centers in Europe. From the medieval Guelphs and Guibellines to the birth of the Renaissance, the city finds itself associated with such names as Dante, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Da Vinci.

Nowadays, Florence is a major European tourist destination and it is easy to understand why. Located in the heart of Tuscany, famous for it’s wine and rustic cuisine, Florence is a perfect base from which to explore the surrounding towns and hilly countryside, with wonders such as Sienna and Assisi nearby. In the city itself, the easy accessibility of the sights to the pedestrian combines with a temperate year-round climate to make Florence and ideal destination. The school’s central location in Piazza della Republica is just a few hundred meters from the Duomo, and places the student right at the center of this fascinating city.


Training Center


The TEFL Training  Center is located in Piazza della Repubblica, just a short walk from the world-famous Duomo. Our facilities include several multi-purpose classrooms, offices, library, and a terrace overlooking the historical city center. Computers and an ESL Library are on the premises.  All trainers and instructors at the Center are highly educated, professional EFL/ESL specialists,

You will usually have evenings and weekends free to explore all the local culture, nightlife and attractions that this great city has to offer. You will, however, have some homework assignments to complete.


The 4-Week TEFL Course


Our 4-week TEFL course is fully accredited and certified to meet international standards. The training involves up to 6 hours of observed teaching practice and 120 hours of classroom instruction. You will acquire all the practical skills you will need to teach English as a foreign language in any country around the world. Classes run Monday to Friday, 9-4pm. Weekends are free to explore the local area but you will have homework assignments.




Housing assistance is available either in shared housing, independent living, in local hotels/hostels or with local families. Once your place has been confirmed on the TEFL course we can assist you with booking your accommodation.


Getting Here and Visas


Airport pickup and transfer is included in the Advanced package. We recommend you arrive in the country at least 2 days prior to the course start date. Non EU students should arrive on a tourist or Schengen visa.


Prospects for Teachers


We have extensive contacts with numerous schools in the country and language organizations and offices all around the world. Many schools contact us regularly with advanced notice as to teaching positions because they know the quality of our training and teacher preparation. Job Fairs are held throughout the year, too, to connect our graduates to employers and schools. You will not have any problems finding a suitable teaching job in Italy or overseas.


Conditions of Work


​Don’t expect to make your fortune teaching English in Italy, TEFL teaching wages should afford you enough to live on, with a reasonably active social life, but life in the bigger cities can be expensive, and wages in the small towns can be low. For examples, a full time TEFL teacher with 1 to 2 year experience, should expect to earn around €900 per month in Naples, and around €7 per hour for private teaching, whilst the cost of a nice studio room not too far from the city centre might cost you around €350 per month. In Milan your monthly wage might be as much as double, with an hourly rate of €20 to €25 for private lesson, but an apartment not too far from Milan city centre is likely to cost you anything from €750 and up, with food and drink also higher than many places further south.​