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TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language)


A TEFL course is your gateway to working anywhere in the world. With English becoming the “global language”, trained TEFL teachers are in high demand, in primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, and private language schools in non English speaking countries all over the world.

An internationally recognized and accredited TEFL/TESOL course and certificate is included as part of your program package. This course will provide you with the skills needed to start your new career as an English teacher.

You’ll learn how to plan lessons and engage your class, tips for keeping discipline, and ideas for teaching grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Most of all, you will be able to walk into a room full of expectant faces and deliver your lessons with confidence. Our TEFL/TESOL course is very practical in nature. Lessons cover a wide variety of teaching techniques and strategies, with a strong emphasis on using the communicative approach to language teaching.

This TEFL/TESOL course is designed for English native or fluent speakers with or without previous teaching experience who want to gain a qualification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TEFL & TESOL). It also serves as an excellent complementary course for those interested in gaining a PGCE or teaching diploma, as well as for those who want to take time off to travel and teach, do volunteer teaching work or teach English online over Skype from anywhere.


Online TEFL Course Overview

Our 120-Hour TEFL/TESOL Courses can be taken 100% online or you can join one of our Advanced in-class courses over a 4-week period.

Our internationally accredited TEFL/TESOL / CELTA certificate courses are designed for those with or without any previous teaching experience who wish to gain practical experience in the methods of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, providing you with the perfect platform from which to begin your new career teaching English anywhere in the world!

The TEFL course is a somewhat intensive course that goes through a great deal of content in a few weeks. However, if you approach the course with the right attitude and complete your assignments it will be all-encompassing and invigorating experience. You will enjoy a fun, highly instructive TEFL course, and you will gain an internationally recognized qualification for life!

Many feel doing the online course with a buddy or partner is an extra special experience.


4-Week Advanced In-Class TEFL Course

Our training centre directors have arranged the course schedule so that you will have most of your weekends free to relax and explore the local area. Classes run from Monday to Friday from 9am-4pm. Although weekends and evenings are usually free, you may have some teaching practice or homework assignments to complete.

Course Benefits

● You have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of people around the world.

● You get to immerse yourself in a foreign culture in a way no tourist could ever dream of!

● You will get job placement assistance once you graduate. You can expect to earn a generous monthly salary and a return on your program investment in around 3 months.

● You receive FREE lifetime membership to our Job Club, which will help you find a teaching job anywhere around the world, for many years to come.

● You earn a higher salary than other less qualified teachers.

● You learn how to teach all levels, giving you multiple skills and employment options.

● You undergo observed teaching practice to help build your confidence in the classroom, some of which may be teaching in a local school, monastery, or government office You can earn money while travelling.

● You can learn a new language, gain valuable work experience, improve your resume, develop your confidence, make and international friends.

● You will be able to take a break from the “rat-race” any time you wish from now on.

● You gain an internationally recognized TEFL/TESOL certificate that allows you to work in many countries around the world, for life!


120-hour Online TEFL Course

Lesson Modules:

● Introduction & warmers
● Classroom discipline
● Classroom management
● Elicitation techniques
● Using the blackboard
● Grammar structure
● How it feels learning a foreign language
● Concept checking
● Pronunciation
● Teaching and assessment of integrated skills,
– such as listening, speaking, reading and writing
● How to teach grammar
● Error correction
● Creating materials
● Evaluation and testing
Bonus Lesson: Finding a teaching job within 10 days
Bonus Lesson: Business English Module
Bonus Lesson: Teaching online over Skype


Our TEFL/TESOL Courses are Divided Into 6 Key Areas:

1. Teaching Techniquues

●    Introduction & warmers
●    Classroom discipline
●    Classroom management
    Elicitation techniques
●    Using the blackboard
●    Grammar structure
●    How it feels learning a foreign language
●    Concept checking
    Practice activities
●    Student practice
●    Pronunciation
●    Teaching and assessment of integrated skills,
– such as listening, speaking, reading and writing
●    How to teach grammar
●    Error correction
●    Teaching practice & feedback
●    Creating materials
●    Evaluation and testing
●    Written exam & presentation

2. Local Language & Culture Course

You will receive some local language training to let you experience what it’s like being a language student so that it will help direct your own teaching. (*Some training centres may not offer this module)

3. Teaching Practice

This is the most fundamental area of any TEFL/TESOL course. You will teach real students of English and put into practice the skills you learned on the course. You will undergo observed teaching practice, covering elementary to advanced level students, as well as one-on-one tutoring. You will also observe other teachers in action for 2-3 hours. Course trainers will guide you through the process of planning, preparation, delivery, and reflection and will provide you with constructive feedback on your performance.

4. Language Awareness

Even native speakers of English will surely have forgotten the grammar they learned in school. You will learn how to answer any questions or situations that may arise in a class.

a) Grammar covers word classes, simple sentence elements; complex sentences and clauses; verb time and tense; aspect, conditionals, and modals; phrasal verbs; and voice.

b) Phonology covers phonetics; word stress and intonation; sentence stress and intonation; rhythm and intonation; and connected speech.

5. Student Profile

Trainees work with individual students on rapport-building, error analysis and correction, and addressing individual student needs. Three meetings with the student are required, including transcription and error analysis of audio and written samples, culminating in a 20-minute session observed by a trainer.

6. Examination/Presentation

Trainees sit a written examination and make a presentation of a prepared class. Many other courses will limit your observed classes due to the large number of trainees they take on. Having so many trainees and so few students makes it physically impossible for all their trainees to receive 6-hours. With a maximum of 16 trainees in our classes, you will have plenty of time to prepare for the practicalities of the classroom and overcome those first-time nerves in a controlled environment with the professional support of your tutor.

Your TEFL Trainers

Our TEFL trainers are highly qualified and very experienced in teacher training. They are all full-time employees, and most have been with us for several years. Being fully trained professionals with many years of experience with EFL classroom teaching, our trainers are both authoritative and informed. The training procedure for our trainers is extremely rigorous. Not only are the trainers expected to have teaching experience, they are also required to have teaching/training experience in more than one country.

Course Assessment

All our trainees pass the course. We will not let you fail, even if it means taking the course all over again! Our trainers will spend extra time with you as necessary and coach you in any areas where you are weak. Our goal is that you succeed.

● Teaching Practice – 50%

● Material Compilation – 20%

● Lesson Observation Journal – 10%

● Written Test – 20%

Our TEFL/TESOL courses are certified to meet international standards. Employers prefer to take on teachers who have completed a course of 120 hours, including observed teaching practice.

The course syllabus for the 4 week in-class package may vary slightly in each location. The actual number of study hours will vary depending on the number of students in each class. In any case the certificate you gain is 120 hours tuition, which meets the international certification standards recommended by the British Council.

Cambridge ESOL (TKT) Certificate Course & Exam

The Cambridge ESOL TKT (Teacher Knowledge Test) is an optional online course that prepares you for the in-class TKT exam.

It tests the teaching knowledge needed by teachers of primary, secondary or adult learners of English, anywhere in the world.

Awarded by Cambridge ESOL, part of the University of Cambridge, TKT is internationally recognized and highly respected. This is an excellent addition to your TEFL/TESOL certificate course and will greatly enhance your job prospects, confidence and even your salary!

Although you can study the preparation course online, you must take the Cambridge ESOL exams at any authorized centre. There is are four exam centres in South Africa. Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town.

The TKT exam fee is paid directly to the exam centre.

The TKT course is not the same as a CELTA.

The Cambridge CELTA course is offered on this site:

Cambridge CELTA Course

The certificate is the most highly respected TEFL certification of its kind.

The CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teacher Training to Adults) is Cambridge University issued and assessed teacher training course designed for candidates with little or no previous English language teaching experience. It is also suitable for teachers who have teaching experience but who have had little or no formal teacher training.

It is considered to be a solid foundation for TEFL Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The CELTA teacher training course is recognised by EFL organisations worldwide.

View course criteria and application profile under In-Class TEFL tab

TEFL Course Accreditation

All TEFL courses are accredited and moderated by the International TEFL Organization. Registered in Singapore and UK.

ITO have been at the forefront at setting the highest standards within the independent ESL and TEFL/TESOL education sector since 2004.

The ITO TEFL online course and certification is accepted and valued by all ESL employers around the world.

ITO are institutional members of IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language)

The course syllabus and content may vary in different TEFL course locations.

TEFL/TESOL training centres and online courses may be moderated by other local accreditation bodies.

The TKT certificate is awarded by Cambridge ESOL, part of the University of Cambridge.

The CELTA course is an University of Cambridge accredited TEFL course delivered in-class at approved Cambridge training centers.