The TEFL Practical Course

20-hour / 2-day Weekend

TEFL Practical Teacher Training, In-Person or Online via Zoom


Online TEFL SA

The TEFL Practical course

An important component of TEFL teacher training.

Delivered over a 2-day Weekend / Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 5pm.

Choose a Venue in-person in Joburg, Durban, Cape Town

or Online via Zoom

      Learning Outcomes:

– Understanding the basic principles of classroom management.

– Fundamentals of giving and checking instructions and using the board effectively.

– Techniques to elicit and check the meaning of new language.

–  Understanding of phonetics: phonemes, word and sentence stress.

–  Experience learning a foreign language and using it in TEFL.

–  Approaches and different techniques between teaching Young Learners, Business English and Online Teaching.

–  Practice in planning and teaching both a system lesson and a skill lesson using suitable frameworks.

–  Provide you with constructive feedback in teaching practice.

      – Guide you into finding teaching work in the English as a Second Language (ESL) industry. 

The Practical Course is delivered by Cambridge DELTA trainers and includes:

– A concise TEFL practical course Manual.

– A TEFL 20-hour Practical Teaching Certificate.

– An English Language Teaching (ELT) experience you will always treasure and remember. Regardless of your other qualifications. 


Delivered by Cambridge DELTA Trainers

Cambridge English

Available only through TEFL South Africa

The Practical Course Program

Day 1 – Saturday, 8 am to 5 pm

Day 2 – Sunday, 8 am to 5  pm

TEFL course material manual

Learning outcomes

Teaching young learners,

Teaching business English,

Teaching online

Classroom management

Eliciting and checking meaning

Teaching receptive skills lessons (Reading and listening)

Pronunciation / phonetics / word and sentence stress

Teaching practice

Self evaluation

Tutor led feedback

Teaching a systems lesson (grammar and vocabulary – foreign language lesson (using the PPP framework)

Teaching practice preparation

Teaching practice and feedback


Finding work in the TEFL industry and general

Reflective task home assignment (2 hours)

20-hour TEFL Practical certificate.

The Practical course is available as part of the

“The Combined TEFL Course” Package

The Complete TEFL Teacher Training Package:

– 120-hours TEFL online theory course and certification. Flexible to complete at your own pace.

– 20-hour / 2 days TEFL practical ESL teacher training.

– No boring lectures. Real interaction and feedback with your professional teacher trainer.

– Highly recommended by online and in-class employer schools and teacher recruiting agencies.

– Book your weekend practical course date at a South African City Centre venue or online via Zoom.

– 120-hour TEFL / TESOL Certificate & 20-hour TEFL Practical Certificate.

_ Bonus supplementary course – The Cambridge TKT course.

International Certification Recognised & Accepted Worldwide by all ESL Employers.