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“I am truly impressed with TEFL SA. I was skeptical at first with all the scams around. However, I was soon proven wrong and thoroughly enjoyed each moment of the course. The practical weekend brought the online information together nicely, where theory is put into practice in such a logical manner. This course is worth it!” Dr. Kailie Currie

“Absolutely fantastic. Insightful and the course material was well balanced“. Sharon Malan

“The training and materials were great and very useful. I’m starting my first teaching job in a week’” Olivier Torrent

“Best value for money by far! The training is easy to follow, detailed and concise at the same time and offers practical advice and examples for new teachers to use and incorporate. I definitely feel confident to take on my new career now! ” Tammy Pillay

Awesome and very interesting. I learned a lot and I’m already a teacher. Great course material” Hanlie Marais

“The training was absolutely phenomenal. It’s energetic, clear and engaging and easy to comprehend…” Marinette Potgieter

“It was well structured, relevant and the workbook is very useful… It boosted my confidence” Pam Sikhosana

“I can’t thank you guys enough. It’s been amazing learning through TEFL SA …” Tara Gamblen

“I did the practical course this past weekend and it was fantastic! The Tutor was professional, friendly, really knew what she was talking about and how to answer all our questions. I learned so much more, was pushed outside my comfort zone and honestly grew a great deal through it. Thank you TEFL SA for putting together a fun, interesting and informative practical weekend course!” Roelien Kleinhans

TEFL International Reviews

I don’t have anything but positive feedback for my experience with the course and my work done at Job Placement. I thought the TEFL Training was excellent. And I think the way King’s has taken us in, trained us, and provided superb life support has been brilliant. Thank you very much

Thomas Brownlow – USA

Hi guys, we got the job in Trang, (Thailand) im at school now making full use of the free internet!! 😀 its going well. Trang is great, at first we werent to sure but we have found a lil house we love out of the city with a pond where we can fish and we also found a puppy on friday night who is now ours :) her name is choc dee. What have you been doing that side? how is dame? He was really great at explaining and teaching us. We have learn’t so much in just two weeks he’s been fab. We have met some nice people here, our neighbours are really nice, an english guy from london and a thai girl who is so funny! anyway thanks for the email, hope you’ve been well too!!

Stephanie Ogilvy – South Africa

My experiences in Thailand have inspired me to apply to become a qualified teacher in the UK, and the overall experience has expanded my horizons and given me numerous happy memories, and I made some enduring friendships as well. In fact, I am already planning my next trip to Thailand – it has been said to me on many occasions that people rarely come to Thailand just once, and I would definitely agree with that. Making the decision to go away is a big one, but it is one you will never, ever regret.

Becky Rice – UK

You have consistently responded to my many email queries and requests in good time. As an accounting practitioner running my own business for the past 14 years, I fundamentally understand the value of good service, and especially good response time. I have been impressed with Lisa’s commitment, professionalism and non-pushy assistance.

Susan Ramsey – South Africa

I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a wonderful experience and educational opportunity. I enjoyed the TEFL course and I strongly believe that the knowledge and skills I gained will serve me very well in the future. The teachers and staff were absolutely wonderful – they were supportive, helpful, very knowledgeable, and a lot of fun! It is clear that Ray and Stefan are ‘experts’ in their respective areas; Ben and Hendry provided a lot of constructive feedback that helped me to improve my own teaching skills. It was a pleasure having Sompob, Tu, Aok, Ya, and Pom in class – they made teaching practice a lot of fun and I really enjoyed laughing with them!
The front desk staff were so friendly and helpful, as were the other teachers, even though they weren’t even working with me directly. My favorite part of the course was actually Thai language class with Tin – please tell her hello for me and rest assured that she is a wonderful teacher.
I will strongly recommend the program to my friends at home who are considering pursuing TEFL opportunities in Thailand.
Congrats on having such a successful program and thanks again for everything! Sincerely,

Erika Young – USA

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