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  • “I am a teacher and have been for many years and firmly believe that TEFL should not only be used to teach learners that want to learn a foreign language but it should be used on our schools in South Africa! It’s interactive, fun and covers the learning of language comprehensively……. It’s an amazing program and I am so glad I did it ! Thank you TEFL for exposing me to your course and methodology…..” Linda Tucs
  • “I am truly impressed with TEFL SA. I was skeptical at first with all the scams around. However, I was soon proven wrong and thoroughly enjoyed each moment of the course. The practical weekend brought the online information together nicely, where theory is put into practice in such a logical manner. This course is worth it!” Dr. Kailie Currie
  • Both Theory and practical courses were very informative. A special thanks to our instructor for providing the best experience possible over the 2 days. I will definitely be referring TEFL South Africa to anyone who would like to be TEFL certified”  Ethan Starkey
  • “Best value for money by far! The training is easy to follow, detailed and concise at the same time and offers practical advice and examples for new teachers to use and incorporate. I definitely feel confident to take on my new career now! ” Tammy Pillay
  • ” I have had nothing but a great experience with TEFL South Africa. They are always there to help and the organization of the course, for both online and practical, is perfect. I am enjoying the course more and more as I go and this is largely due to the team involved. Thank you and I really appreciate all the hard effort. I would definitely recommend this course for a person wanting to do the TEFL.”  Maxine Bezuidenhout
  • ” The course was held online and ran smoothly without any interruptions. The course content was exemplary so to the facilitator. I enjoyed every minute. I received highly beneficial content and skills that I will certainly be using in my ESL classes that I give. Well-done all.” Garth Green
  • “ I did the practical course this past weekend and it was fantastic! The Tutor was professional, friendly, really knew what she was talking about and how to answer all our questions. I learned so much more, was pushed outside my comfort zone and honestly grew a great deal through it. Thank you TEFL SA for putting together a fun, interesting and informative practical weekend course!” Roelien Kleinhans
  • ” I absolutely loved my TEFL South Africa course, the website is user friendly, the support staff are so helpful and I really appreciated that I received feedback the same day after queries. Although the practical was mentally exhausting our trainer Francesca was amazing, informative and explained everything beautifully. I highly recommend TEFL SA Combined 140 hour course.” Natalya Pasha Lai


  • “It was a great experience. The learning process was really efficient and the weekend online class as really good. I had an awesome trainer who really helped us. It gave us a very good insight about teaching on line and being able to prepare and present something. Learning about new things and different ways of teaching was really interesting”. Françoise Garbers
  • It was a pleasure doing The TEFL-South Africa course online. The notes are well written and comprehensive. The website is well laid out, and the support is good. I really enjoyed doing the 20-hour practical online course after completing the initial 120 hour online course. Francesca is a fantastic Trainer. If you do the course, I recommend doing the 20-hour practical course as well.” Pete Stanford.
  • If you are serious about what you want then it will be the best thing to do. I have learned so much. You cannot be a good batter if you are blind. The staff are very helpful, the instructor immensely knowledgeable. She knows what she is doing. You do get a lot more than you payed for…Veroncha D
  • The content of the TELF course itself is very well planed and structured to teach us the art of teaching. I enjoy the content and so far, I’ve learned a lot of new and useful skills. The practical course, however, is the highlight of the entire course as fun and interactive methods are used to teach important skills. I had a blast last weekend! I am super excited to start my journey as a TELF teacher. Alisha Lombard




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